Naturalized Floridian

In 1996, I was 15 and my family moved us here from Kansas City. They bought a small rental property which we continue to manage and live in today.

Having spent the last 22 years of my life here, this is my only home. I graduated from Satellite High School in 1999, BCC in 2002, and UNF in 2007 with a degree in International Business. I moved back here after graduating to assume more responsibility for the family business, and to start my own.

I am an avid outdoors-man and a traveler by nature; there is nothing I love more than being on the water. I have explored this state’s waterways, cities, towns, and wilderness from Jacksonville to the Keys and back up again to the Big Bend. I know our history from the pioneers of Biscayne and the Ais of Canaveral, to the Astronauts, Farmers, and Fishermen of the 20th century, to the Defense Contractors, Small Business Owners, Charter Captains, and Health Companies of today.

Brevard County is awesome, and we deserve a government that is prepared to lead us into the 21st century.

Independent Small Business Owner

I started a Pressure Washing business as an independent small business owner back in 2007 with a pair of flip-flops and a 200 dollar machine. I have kept the business small, my customers satisfied, and sales have grown steadily every year.

I know how hard it is to earn a living working in the sun, and I know how important it is to keep things organized. I know the value of doing work on a handshake, not promising things I can’t deliver on, and how to deliver on the things I do promise.


From at-risk youth to running for public office.

Growing up was a tumultuous experience for me. I was expelled from several schools in middle school and high school. While I was working and attending college in my early and mid 20’s I was put on probation twice for misdemeanor crimes, and I had my drivers license suspended numerous times. By the time I graduated college in 2007, I had been arrested over a dozen times for minor infractions ranging from failing to pay fines and appear in court to trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Some of it was too much tequila and fireworks and too little respect for authority, combined with a set of misguided values that too many young people stupidly adopt. Some of it was the very real difficulty of changing my own attitude and behavior patterns. I was never a thug or a thief, but it was a pattern of recklessness and irresponsibility that was incredibly challenging to overcome. In these struggles, I learned that personal responsibility INCLUDES social responsibility, I learned that our justice system is both necessary and in need of improvement, I learned the value of giving respect without expecting it in return, and I learned that people are a lot more understanding of mistakes if you are honestly working hard and doing what you can to give back to the community.

As a 37-year-old small business owner, activist, and now candidate for The County Commission it has been a long journey. I fully expect to be attacked for my past, and my answer to those attacks is this: If they are focused on the dumb things I did then, they are ignoring the real challenges facing our County now. If they are trying to discredit me with personal attacks, it’s because they know they can’t defend their own policies. If they are looking backward, I am looking forward. I think people will recognize this and make their own judgments.

Why I’m Running for Office

Brevard County is faced with historic problems of epic proportions.

• Our county budget has doubled in only 4 years.
• Our taxes are going up
• There is an opioid crisis destroying countless families
• Our coast is facing an unprecedented challenge of rising sea levels.
• Our lagoon has died, and the plan to save it is under attack.
• The County is trying to bury our unique natural reef.
• Last year the commission voted to cut 100k dollars from Meals on Wheels which is a program that feeds elderly home-bound residents.
• We are faced with a hostile State government which is degrading home rule, neglecting the emergency of our dying lagoon, trying to arm teachers, and refusing to expand medicaid to cover thousands of Brevardians with the most basic health care.
• Our public transportation system is woefully inadequate
• Young families are being forced to work two and three jobs just to make ends meet, we have sewage spilling into our lagoon.
• We are rapidly expanding development into the St. John’s River which is where we get our drinking water.

The next 4 years here in Brevard will determine the direction of our County for a generation. Will we capitulate to narrow special interests who no longer even pretend to care, or will we stand up, take responsibility for our government, and begin to build a future we can all believe in?

I will be standing up, come stand with me.

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